Easy Video Recording Now with Movavi for You

This article will show you how to record videos from YouTube and other video portals.If you think you need extra hardware or difficult programs to capture video from your PC screen, think again! Movavi Screen Recorder can record any screen video and save it in any standard media format. Movavi Screen Recorder will capture high quality video at up to 60 frames per second. Simply select one of the standard modes or adjust the recording parameters manually. Save the finished recording to popular video formats, convert the files to mobile devices and upload videos to Facebook, YouTube or S3. To record Google Hangout video this is the same process that you will follow.

Step 1: Select video quality

In the online player you choose the highest possible video quality. On YouTube, click the Settings button and then Quality, where you can select the highest resolution in the list.

Step 2: Set the recording area

Set the recording area to enclose the entire screen. To do this, open the list of recording area presets in the Movavi Screen Recorder control panel and select your screen from the list. Capturing in full screen mode allows you to maintain higher image quality.

Step 3: Select audio source

Click the System sound button to enable sound recording from the online video.

To keep your recording free from strange noises, disable the audio recording from the microphone and close other applications that can make sounds, or mute them.

Step 4. Set recording time (optional)

  1. Click the alarm icon to open the recording time options.
  2. Check the Stop Recording To option.
  3. Enter the length of your online video in minutes.

Step 5: Record video

  1. Switch to full-screen mode in your online player
  2. Press the F10 key to start the video recording.
  3. Video recording begins after a 5-second countdown. Start the video playback in the online player at the same time as the recording starts.
  4. When the video is over, press F10 again to stop recording. Recording will stop automatically when you have set the recording time.

Step 6: Save recording

  1. Expand the Save As list to see the available formats.
  2. Select a video format in which you want to save your recording.
  3. Click the Save button to start the processing process

And it’s done. The whole process, as you can understand, is quite transparent and that is the reason that you will be having the best options for the same with the Movavi now.

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