Cosmetic dentistry: Common procedures, seeing a dentist and more!

There’s no denying that a near-perfect smile can boost a person’s confidence and self-esteem considerably. In the last couple of decades, there has been some serious advancements in cosmetic dentistry, and no matter the kind of aesthetic or cosmetic problem you may have, a good cosmetic dentist should be able to find the right treatment. If you are looking for Teeth Cleaning Oak Lawn dentistry, there are some awesome clinics to consider. For your help, we are discussing five common treatments in cosmetic dentistry that are worth knowing, and things worth asking a dentist.

  1. Cosmetic teeth whitening. This is the standard in-clinic procedure that can help in fixing coloration issues. Check with your dentist to know if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, as not every person can achieve the same results with dental bleaching.
  2. Dental veneers. For the unversed, veneers are made of porcelain or resin composite material, used for covering the frontal part of the teeth to enhance the smile. Veneers are often used for discolored and chipped teeth, or to cover gaps. This is a permanent procedure, so make sure that you discuss all pros and cons with your cosmetic dentist.
  3. Dental implants. Also considered to be a restorative procedure, dental implants are a smart replacement for dentures. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent and meant to replace lost/missing teeth, and you don’t have to worry about the replacement teeth moving around in the mouth.
  4. Dental crowns. Dental crowns work like caps to cover the top surface of the tooth, so as to prevent further decay and enhance appeal. If you have poorly shaped or broken teeth, crowns can be considered for such cases too. Crowns can be designed to match the natural color of your teeth, and the procedure may require reducing the enamel to an extent.
  5. Enamel shaping. The last one on this list is called enamel shaping, which involves shaping the natural teeth, so as to get the perfect smile. The procedure is often combined with teeth whitening or veneers for better results.

Visiting a cosmetic dentist

Your first appointment with a cosmetic dentist will be about an evaluation and discussing your expectations. A cosmetic dentist needs to complete further training after becoming a dentist to offer the treatments we just discussed. Since most of these procedures are not covered under insurance, it is always wise to know the cost of a particular treatment before getting started. Your cosmetic dentist will explain what to expect from the procedure, so that you have a realistic overview of the results. They will also explain the various options that can be considered for a particular problem. Some people simply are interested in cosmetic jewels or want to retain the existing color and shape of their teeth, for which they may visit a cosmetic dentist.

Final word

When you look for cosmetic dentists in your area, make sure to check for reviews and select a clinic that is popular and has the setup to offer comprehensive treatments.


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