Bring Japanese Design into your Home with these 4 Muji-Inspired Tips

In recent years, minimalism has become trendier. And this sort of living has been used by individuals throughout the world. While not all Americans are minimalists according to statistics,the trend is visibly gaining traction.

If you remember who Marie Kondo was, the lady who popularised and introduced minimalism to the public, you would understand more about magic of sorting and keeping things simple.

Wait, what is Muji?

The Muji Style is a prominent Japanese lifestyle brand known as the ‘no-brand quality goods,’ which retails practical, easy but useful and high-quality home products and clothes. Muji’s ideas have a beautiful and simple aesthetic influenced by the Japanese Zen Buddhism, a concept which is detailed in the article by Homees

The style of Muji has a distinctive appearance that plays on the concept of less is more. It is one of Muji’s philosophical essences. In other words, it is one technique of generating a comfortable and meditation atmosphere to cleanse your house. But overdoing it can appear like your house is empty and lifeless. Everything must thus have a healthy balance.

You would be incorrect if you assumed that Muji is about minimalism. Muji’s goal is also to have high-quality and well-crafted furniture which enhances Zen’s real character. The inside of your house should be flexible and adaptable to the changing lifestyle and demands of the entire family.

You could believe a basic and clever style is straightforward. But it truly requires genuine talents without being uninteresting to get the Muji aesthetic.

Applying Muji’s Concepts to your Interior Design

You must first comprehend the concept of the Muji style before you start declutching and arranging your house. Remember that this is not only about minimalism, therefore you must grasp its main characteristics to make Muji appear completely included. Remember that a lack of furniture does not equate to having a Muji-esque home and vice-versa! Focus on pieces that give your home a clean feel while still being functional. These are often captured in the specific design of the furniture pieces themselves.

Colours that Work Well with Muji

Because simplicity is the key principle of Muji style, excessively bright and stunning hues like neon colours are a huge no. The tints and colours you require are subtle, soothing and very comfortable. Go for white, cream, grey, khaki or green olive for a simple supplement.

Using the Right Materials with a Carpentry Expert

Your furniture and other stuff should also have a minimalist appearance to properly accomplish this Muji design. Go for a more natural and rustic aesthetic with some synthetic elements in combination.

After all, this is one of Muji’s essences. If you don’t have to, don’t buy it, even if it’s a breath-taking decoration and a piece of attractive furniture. The Muji aesthetic is focused on simplicity and utility.

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