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After the ongoing piloting, the e-prescription entry and delivery system will be available throughout Poland. The project involves the launch by the end of 2019 of the functionality of handling electronic prints in all pharmacies registered. From 2020, e-prescription will be one of the current solutions. The paper version of the print will be kept until the end of 2025. The idea is to include subsequent locations where the most prescription prints are issued. Thanks to this procedure, it will be possible to achieve economies of scale and a significant increase in the number of documents issued and patients using them. With the iherb promo code canada you can find the best deals now.

Where to buy medicines online?

Completing your prescription without leaving your home and delivering medicines to your address today is only for over-the-counter drug (OTC). 

Publicly available medicines that can be bought over the counter

We will also get the remaining pharmacy assortment by mail, without restrictions, i.e. dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and food for special dietary purposes. It is also possible to book prescription drugs with a personal pickup at the pharmacy. In this situation, we will save time and money, because drugs in online pharmacies are cheaper than with direct purchase. 

Online pharmacies (e.g. allow you to complete your order without haste at a convenient time for us and usually the next day after the order are available for collection at a pharmacy of our choice. Unfortunately, as of today, having a valid medical prescription and even delivering it to a pharmacy, we will not receive the medicine written on it by courier or post.

E-prescription will allow mail order?

Works on the so-called electronic prescription (e-prescription) ongoing does not assume the introduction of the option of mail-order sales of medicines to all those in need. Although the e-prescription is available in electronic form, the patient does not need to carry a physical document, what is more – he can buy medicines from one prescription in several different pharmacies. All you have to do is enter your PESEL number and the PIN security code used for verification. However, this does not change the fact that from the doctor’s office or after a remote consultation, the patient must go to a stationary pharmacy and pick up the medicine. With the iherb singapore  option you can find the best deal.

There is a light in the tunnel. Mail order sales of prescription drugs for persons with a disability certificate were introduced to the amendment to the Act on the information system in health care and some other acts. Thanks to this change, the first patients will be able to benefit from the facilitation after it is implemented. There remains hope for extending the records to other groups in need and access to all prescription drugs.

What are the benefits of e-prescription and medicines via the Internet?

Patients will benefit primarily from the introduction of e-prescriptions and the sale of medicines via the Internet. There are many benefits of this solution:

  • eliminating the problem of illegible prescriptions , no next visit to correct the prescription,
  • increasing patient safety by limiting mistakes in drug failure,
  • improving care for chronically ill patients who will not have to go to the doctor to collect a prescription saving time for the doctor and patient,
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