B2B Blogging Tips for Businesses That Want to Stand out on the Internet

What once used to be a hobby for individuals and families is now today a staple on the internet. Pretty much every person and/or business blogs on the internet, but that doesn’t mean blogging is the same for everyone!

As a B2B business, you know things are a little different for your crew. Distributing apps is different, the content you put on your website is different, and how you approach social media is different. It should come as no surprise that blogging is a little different too.

Here are a few blogging tips for B2B businesses that want to stand out and do something a little different on the internet.

Know Your Audience Inside and Out

Every blogger has to know their audience, but it’s even more important for a B2B business. Unlike other blogs that get readers who are just looking to kill a little time by reading a blog, your readers have an end goal in mind.

Do they want to learn something new that will help their business become more successful? Are they on the hunt for a product or service? Knowing who your audience is and how your audience differs from the audiences found on other blogs is key.

Focus on Demonstrating Expertise in Your Niche

At the end of the day, you are creating a blog because it can provide you with opportunities to increase your bottom line. However, that doesn’t mean you should treat your blog like one big advertisement.

Instead of coming across as salesy on your blog, strive to focus on becoming an expert in your niche. Post informative content that makes readers think you really know your stuff. If you do, they’ll want to hire you because they know it means they’re hiring an expert.

Optimize Every Article for SEO

You optimized your website for SEO, so make sure you optimize each and every one of your blog posts as well! A few ways to do that include using keywords:

  • At a density of one to two percent
  • In strategic places, like headings
  • That make sense with the article and your product or service

A blog is one of the best ways to make sure your website is relevant, and it’s also one of the best ways to test out new SEO techniques. Keep track of how your blog SEO is performing and use what you learn to optimize your website, social media profiles, and more.

Do Something Unexpected

B2B blogs have a reputation for being a bit boring, especially if your business caters to another business that is known for being dull. If you really want to stand out, you have to do what you can to be interesting! That might mean creating infographics, fun videos, or using a cheeky tone on your blog.

Don’t think your B2B business has no need for a blog. It’s a great way to enhance your business, as long as you follow the tips on this list!

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