Ask these 5 questions while interviewing pest control services in Texas

Termites, rodents, roaches, ants, rats – Pests are absolutely filthy and have been associated with many diseases in humans. When you start seeing signs of pest infestation at home, such as nesting and droppings, it’s likely that the problem is much more severe. Pest control is a task that’s best assigned to professionals. You may use one of the ready sprays to kill a few insects on the surface, but that never really does away with the actual infestation. In this post, we are sharing the questions you must ask a company specializing in pest control in San Antonio, TX, before hiring them.

  1. What kind of pests do you deal with? How long have you been in business? Experience in extermination is key to selecting a company, and you should ask about the pests that they deal with on a regular basis. A good pest exterminator knows the local seasons and weather, and can offer a fair idea as to when you can expect an increase in pest activities at home. Find a company that can deal with roaches, critters, termites and rodents at the least.
  2. Do you have licenses and insurance? This is an aspect that many homeowners often ignore. They want to hire the best company for pest control, but forget to check if the service has necessary permissions and licenses to do residential work. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance are other aspects that must be considered for selecting a service, because you don’t want any mishap or damage to become your liability.
  3. Do you offer free estimates and consultation? Most companies will be happy to offer an estimate, but the work process is important. You need to find a pest control service that sends their inspectors for a quick check, evaluates the actual situation and offers an estimate according to the job. Gone are times when a single estimate would work for every customer.
  4. Do you have a warranty on pest control services? Another valid question that is worth asking. There is no point on hiring a pest exterminator, if the problem is likely to resurface within a week. Make sure that the company has some warranty on the work they do, and if they have made promises, they should be willing to share details of the same on paper.
  5. Do you have experienced pest control experts? Sadly, there are services that will only hire people when they have a job at hand. That’s not how pest control works. You need a team of trained experts, workers, and entomologists, who can ensure safety of your home, and their background is important. Check if their workers are insured and bonded and whether they are on the payroll of the service.

Finally, ensure that you check the estimate and what’s included in the price. Many services may do a scheduled checkup a week later to ensure that the work has been done as per the expected standards. In case you aren’t happy with the results, they will take extra steps to prevent the pest problem. Shortlist a few pest control services in Texas now!


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