‘Am I Depressed Quiz’ Vs ‘Am I Sad Quiz’

Only those who are suffering from the problem can differentiate between sadness and depression. But as a good wisher, an external person can’t figure it out easily. Again, some people when they get into certain situations suddenly get confused about what he is doing, are the symptoms of sadness or depression? So, what’s the point? That’s to find out the difference between depression and sadness. As we all know, the quiz is the best way to find out the mental situation. But to select the questions for the quiz, we need to know everything about these two words, Sadness and Depression.

What is Sadness?

Sadness is an emotional behavior. It is temporary. Sadness is common for infants too old. No one in this world hasn’t face sadness in their lives. It rises through difficult situations or from hurtful experiences. The sadness fades away with time. Surprisingly, sadness never lasts long. When the situation is under control or the reason for the disappointment ends, sadness gets over. However, depression lasts for long as it comes from depression. That’s why ‘Am I Sad Quiz’ is far different than ‘Am I Depressed Quiz‘.

How Depression Can Be Explained?

To define depression, you need to understand the root of it. Depression is not only one type. It comes in many forms. But in most cases, depression starts with sadness. Apart from being sad, there are many ways through which a person gets into depression, like seasonal effects, biological effects, etc. Depression is the breaking down of the mental health condition and having less appetite, less energy, oversleeping, not being social and changes in behavior.

What are The Symptoms of Depression?

Now, while you are giving a quiz to your friend who is suffering from depression, the questions must have the differentiating line between sadness or depression. The main purpose of setting the questions will be to find out his mental health. Read the following points regarding depression, we hope it will help you to select the questions easily.

Change is Behaviour

There is no single person in this world who shows behavioral changes when he faces Depression. Depression doesn’t allow our brain to act properly. It makes a cloud around our thinking and kills our common senses. To search for the meaning of life, those persons often make them separate from everybody.

While on other hand, sadness can be cured with a little bit of participation and enjoyment. The density of sadness is not too thick to flow away. And behavioral changes in case of sadness are not effective too.

Internal Break Down

This is an interesting point, as it helps the person to face reality. If you make someone realize that his or her behavior has changed for quiet days, if they are unknown to it, they certainly want to look into them. Or maybe they already know about it and want to hide it. In both cases, the internal struggle to win over depression is going on. You can say, all the behavioral changes and psychological changes come from this internal struggle. If it is sadness, you don’t see the traces of internal struggle in their faces.

Losing Appetite

Sadness and angry behavior have one great solution. What is it? It can be abolished within seconds by eating something or drinking something. Psychology says drinking and eating are great diversions in case of sadness and small emotional moments.

However, for depression, the situation inverts. How? Due to depression, either the person loses the appetite or starts to overeat. In both cases, our bodies get affected drastically. So through the question, know how long he or she is eating or how long he or she is starving. You’ll get your answer.

Check Sleeping Parameter

Generally, sadness surrounds our brain with emotions. At a certain point, our brain gets tied up and it loses its ability to work. Small sleep can help us to cure that problem. Maybe it happens with you too. When some sad incidents happen to you, a night of good sleep can make it normal.

For depression, the case is again inverted. How? Depression is a serious problem that affects our sleep routine. For some cases, it kills sleep and for some cases, it is the reason for sleeping. Both of these steps are wrong according to medical science. Because of Depression, your body may face several deadly disorders.

Not Having Enthusiasm for Work

Again sadness never kills us from inside. That’s why many people are facing a sad reality, fighting back with full power. For somebodies, it gives them the energy and the motivation. In some cases, they used to do work to avoid sadness, i.e. diversions.

But in the case of depression, it kills our enthusiasm. It makes us feel why working so hard when there is no point. Whatever the reason for depression is, somehow we successfully link it to the reason for not doing the work. Overthinking is related to it. The thing which hasn’t happened yet, by overthinking it, we again go under depression. By setting up a group of questions on this particular topic, you can understand whether the person has sadness or depression. Take action accordingly.

Before going for counseling or before accompanying your friend to get him out of depression, you need to know about him, you need to know about his feelings. Only then you can conclude that. Try to think from his point of view. Only then you’ll understand what’s his problem is depression or sadness. We hope the questions will be selective and to the point. Ask them to answer with honesty and help them.

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