All You Need To Know Ecommerce Lifecycle Marketing

What do you know about e-commerce lifecycle marketing? What are the steps involved in lifecycle marketing? What are the basic ingredients in lifecycle marketing? What is the meaning of this new digital marketing term? Let us discuss the answer to it.

Stages In ecommerce Customer Lifecycle

The customer lifecycle of any service, like an e-commerce service, has five stages. They are:-

  • Reaching out to customers

This is the first and the foremost step where customers start finding the product because they had a certain problem or want to incorporate something new in their routine or for any n number of reasons. This stage is called ‘reach’ because it is an opportunity for you to reach out to customers and explain to them exactly what should lead them towards your product.  In this stage, the customers are trying to gather knowledge about your product and compare it with the other products across different brands, customer reviews, etc.

SEO or search engine optimization plays a very important role along with other marketing methods to place your product or brand among the list of customers looking for it or similar products.

  • Stage of acquisition

After learning about your product, if a customer is willing to call you or enquire through any other means by reaching out to you, that means that the 1st stage was successful. The success of this depends on the mode of communication the customer has chosen. Suppose a customer has opted for ‘call’. In that case, there will be a one-to-one communication between you and the customer where they will ask all their queries and concerns, and you will answer them while trying to learn about the customer and its needs and trying to sell your product. If they have opted for ‘website’ communication, your site should be resourceful enough to explain the products to the customers and make them want to buy them.

  • Conversion stage

If the first two stages are successful, the customer has officially entered into business with you. Now it is upon you to make sure the relationship you both have started goes on or continues for a long time. Next, you have to ensure that the customer believes that he has bought a valuable asset and that you are providing quality content.

  • Retaining the customer base

The next stage is a tricky one because that is where you discover how the customer feels. Conduct surveys or reach out to customers to find out how they feel about your product. Using this valuable information can let you make improvements to your products. Then you can utilize the information to make sure that the customer gets the best products they desire for. Here, you can also offer them offers and perks and services exclusive only for your customers. That will how your customers will feel valued by the plain purchasers who have just started searching for this product or who buy products from different brands.

Understanding the various stages can help you grow your business and make it a success. Lifecycle marketing plays a very important in making sure that your business develops into a brand.For more understanding of the topic.

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