All you Need to Know About the e-cig

With the fast development of technology, so many things have changed. One of the major technologies has been noted in the smoking industries. Today, smokers have gone digital and they are no longer smoking the traditional cigars. This is because of the fact that companies have started producing the e-cig. This is an electronic gadget that is meant for the purposes of smoking. However, it is important to note that it doesn’t have much smoke as compared to the cigars that have been in the market. Being electronic, it means that it has several components that are enabling it to function the way it is meant to function. Unlike the traditional cigar that is made out of paper and tobacco, this one is quite complicated in that it doesn’t have solid tobacco that should be burnt. An electronic cigar is fitted with a liquid tobacco that is supposed to be burnt electronically so as it can produce the steam that is supposed to be inhaled by the smoker. Burning takes place electronically so as the production of the steam takes place so fast. This article shall therefore highlight some of the major components of the e-cig that enables it to function;

  • Lithium battery
  • Sensor
  • Solution

Lithium battery

The traditional cigars are manually lit. This is contrary with an e-cig. For the electronic cigars, you are supposed to make sure that the battery that is fitted in the cigar is well charged so as you can rest assured that you may get a chance to vape for a long time. Once the battery is recharged, it is now ready to heat the heating element that is also fitted in the cigar so as the solution that contains the tobacco solution can be heating to the vaporization point. This therefore makes it possible for the gadget to produce the vapor or steam that is meant to be inhaled.


The electronic cigars have a sensor. The role of the sensor is to detect your intention of vaping. The moment you put your mouth on its mouthpiece, then the sensor triggers the battery to produce the power that will eventually make the heater to heat the solution that contains the tobacco. This is a process that takes a nick of time. As soon as possible, the e-cig is able to produce steam that contains the traces of tobacco. And therefore, the vaping is made possible.


The solution is very important as far as the vaping process is concerned. You therefore need to keep on checking the levels of the solution in the e-cigfrom time to time. If you realize that it has reduced, you need to add more solution so as you can be assured of the efficiency of your gadget. This solution is produced through crashing the raw tobacco and some preservatives have been added to the solution to make it stay longer. This is actually what makes the biggest difference between the traditional cigars and the electronic ones that are now gaining momentum.

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