All You Need to Know About Cosmetic and General Dentistry

An appointment with a dentist can be terrifying if you have had a bad experience with another doctor. Finding a dentist committed to offering his patients individualized treatment can make a patient relax and feel comfortable. A warm and inviting reception team welcomes you when you visit the specialists at Sunshine Dental, Inc. The lead dentist, Dr. Phillip Chien, and his team of experts in general dentistry and dental services will address your concerns and improve the quality of your dental system. Patients at the dental facility are offered a variety of options in both preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Another modern treatment offered by Dr. Chien and his team of specialists include laser bacteria reduction.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is for individuals who are mostly concerned about the appearance of their  smile. A smile is one feature that enhances self-esteem. However, if you always find yourself shying off from smiling or hiding it, cosmetic dentistry could help you smile confidently.

What are some of the standard dental procedures offered by a dentist?

A visit to your dentist’s office does not have to be an extraction, implant, or gum disease treatment all the time. Sometimes you can check-in for a standard procedure. Some of these common procedures include:

  •         Regular exams and cleanings. A routine examination is an integral part of maintaining quality and healthy oral care. At your routing exam, your dentist will:

          Check out for potential risks that cannot be felt

          Inspect signs of tooth decay or presence of cavities

          Look out for any gum infections

          Thoroughly clean your teeth

  •         Bonding. This procedure is a conventional treatment meant to repair slight issues like chipped, crooked or discolored teeth using white filling to improve the tooth’s appearance.
  •         Bridges. These are artificial teeth used to replace your missing teeth to help maintain your face’s shape and increase your bite ability.
  •         Crowns. A crown is usually a ‘cap’ placed on a broken or worn tooth to give your affected tooth shape and strength.
  •         Dentures. Dentures are removable, natural-looking replacement teeth.
  •         Extractions. Extraction removes a tooth to prevent it from falling out or to give way for a permanent tooth to erupt.

 How commendable are braces?

Regardless of your age, braces are ideal for gradually moving your teeth to their proper position. With various options from your dentist’s choices, you can now pick braces that are either clear or metallic. However, treatment time varies depending on several factors such as severity of the case, age, and treatment method. Additionally, the treatment’s efficiency depends on the patient’s involvement and diligence. Your dentist will discuss your options and the time estimate before your orthodontic care journey begins. Braces options include:

  •         Traditional metal braces
  •         Self-ligating braces
  •         Clear braces
  •         Clear aligners
  •         Gold braces
  •         Lingual braces

Your smile is very precious. Do not shy away from smiling because you suffer from dental esteem issues when you can regain your oral and dental health. Request an appointment or call the facility for more information.

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