Addiction Treatment at LifeSync Malibu

Unbelievably, over 23 million people in America suffer from substance use problems. The sad reality is that only 11% of them get treatment. LifeSync Malibu saw the need for an addiction center that provides the addicted individuals a place to recover in peace with the best and latest treatment methods available. The Malibu, CA, addiction treatment specialist aims to provide a highly personalized treatment experience based on each client’s unique needs. If you struggle with addiction disorders, the experienced team at LifeSync Malibu can help. They utilize the most innovative techniques and technologies to enhance your quality of life.

Steer your recovery in comfort

Committing to sobriety should not have to mean that you will sacrifice the happy lifestyle you are fond of. Why not live through the best? If you are ready to join a world-class treatment program and prefer the luxury of an excellently appointed residential estate, it is time to consider LifeSync Malibu.

A legacy of transforming lives

For several years now, people from all over the world have been choosing LifeSync Malibu as their addiction treatment center of choice. The providers at the facility understand the ins and outs of addiction treatment. They also know the importance of developing a unique and distinctive experience for you right from the start.

Your personalized treatment plan will include but is not limited to:

  •                 Medically-aided detox: Your detox encounter can be made more comfortable through experienced medication intervention and medical oversight. That will help with your transition from the first day into treatment through your way into daily treatment programs.
  •   The steps of change model: You will engage in therapeutic treatment stages, and your personalized treatment plan will be designed based on which stage of treatment you are in. The personalized model is designed to assist you to rise above your addiction and maintain sobriety.
  •   Weekly meetings with a personal psychotherapist: you will be assigned a trusted specialist in whom you can open your heart to and depend on throughout your treatment program.
  •   Dialectical Behavior Therapy: This will assist you in identifying and managing your out-of-control feelings that were previously regulated by the use of alcohol or drugs.

Symptoms of addiction

  •       Engaging in unhealthy activities that you cannot control
  •       Inability to stop using alcohol and drugs
  •       Use of substances regardless of their health problems
  •       Obsession
  •       Taking large doses
  •       Sacrificing money for drugs and alcohol
  •       Dropping activities and hobbies
  •       Denial that you have a problem
  •       Damage or illness from using a substance
  •       Sleeplessness
  •       Increased tolerance
  •       Loss of control over frequency and amount of use
  •       Compulsive use and cravings

LifeSync Malibu provides a full continuum of addiction treatment programs that place clients above everything. Their addiction treatment programs provide clients with the opportunity to work with experienced addiction professionals and medical specialists in order to develop personalized treatment plans that suit their needs.

They believe in your recovery and focus on providing you with the necessary tools to overcome your addiction problem and begin a new life in recovery. When you choose LifeSync Malibu, you get an experience that will change your life. Their evidence-based treatment programs and medical knowledge will provide you with the opportunity to accomplish long-term recovery.

Don’t let your addiction ruin your quality of life or cause a serious health problem. Contact lifeSync Malibu for an appointment today by calling their office numbers or filling their online appointment form. 


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