A Look at Some Services Offered by NUWA

Do you want to get rid of wrinkles, veins, unwanted hair, and more?  It could be the best time to try different treatments and get the best results ever. Uzoma K. Nwaubani MD from Nuwa World is the best solution for you. 

What are some services offered?

Some services are as follows:

  1.     Facial aesthetics

This refers to a group of treatments and cosmetic services planned to help specific aesthetic desires on the face. Some of the facial aesthetic treatments address:

  •   Unwanted facial hairs
  •   Scarring
  •   Hyperpigmentation
  •   Veins
  •   Fine lines and wrinkles

A personalized treatment plan is provided by NUWA WORLD to assist in the right treatment that best suits your individual needs.

  1.     Body Sculpting

This refers to a variety of treatments intended to contour and sculpt your shape and lessen and improve unwanted fat that appears unaffected to your hard work of exercise and diet. The common areas of the body that are treated by body sculpting are:

  •   Thighs
  •   Love handles
  •   Back
  •   Stomach
  •   Under chin
  1.     Skin Tightening

Skin tightening treatments can firm, smoothen, and tighten your skin while also reducing the presence of fine lines, cellulite, unwanted wrinkles, and other undesired features. Skin tightening can be done to address the following:

  •   Sagging skin
  •   Enlarged oil glands or pores
  •   Cellulite
  •   Fine lines and wrinkles
  •   Sun-damaged skin
  •   Scarring
  •   Sunspots
  •   Hyperpigmentation
  1.     Incontinence

The uncontrollable urine leakage or when bowel movements can not be controlled and unexpected stool leakage occurs, it is known as incontinence. This is caused by some contributing factors like:

  •   Pregnancy
  •   Prostate cancer
  •   Childbirth
  •   Urinary tract infection
  •   Menopause
  •   An obstruction such as tumor along with the urinary stones or urinary tract
  •   Enlarged prostate
  1.     Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This refers to the weakening or loosening of the muscles and tissues supporting the pelvic organs: bladder, rectum, or uterus. This causes pelvic organs to fall, press, or drop out or into the rectum or vagina. There are different types of prolapse:

  •   Uterine prolapse
  •   Vaginal prolapse
  •   Bladder prolapse
  •   Vaginal laxity
  1.     Overactive Bladder

The overactive bladder contains a rapid and regular overpowering urge to urinate, mostly your brain always telling you that your bladder is full and needs to be emptied due to the muscles of the bladder being overactive. This is caused by multiple factors such as:

  •   Diabetes
  •   Bladder abnormalities, such as bladder tumors
  •   Excess caffeine or alcohol consumption
  •   Involuntary bladder contractions
  •   Acute urinary tract infection
  •   Hormone fluctuations
  •   Neurological disorders

Other services that are offered by the Nuwa World are replacement therapy of anti-aging bio-identical hormones for men and women, insomnia, management of weight loss, fatigue, decreased libido, menopausal symptoms management, erectile dysfunction, and hot flashes among others.

Do not allow such problems to restrain you from aging happily, healthily, and gracefully. At Nuwa World, you get the best services and support by the best urogynecologist, Dr. Uzoma Nwauban, MD. Contact them or visit their offices for more information. 

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