A Guide on Dating as A Single Parent


Dating is complicated without a complicated past; however, if you are a single parent, the process will be even more difficult in general.

You should know that kids are engaged with us at some level, which is why we need to find ways to make our personal lives fulfilled and theirs.

Some single parents want to find a hookup to relieve condensed stress and frustration, while others want to create a family.

Generally, having children and meeting them with your partner will create complex attachments that can lead to severe problems if you break up in the future.

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Simultaneously, choosing to stay with your children or being with a partner means that one side will suffer and left waiting. Therefore, you need to think about how your relationship is affecting your child and vice versa.

Apart from that, children tend to feel insecure about meeting new people frequently, which is why you should avoid direct meetings until you are sure that you are serious.

Being a single parent means that you forgot the tricks that come with dating, but rest assured because you need to follow your own pace and find out whether you wish to meet someone for a lifetime or just for a single time.

In both cases, you need to conduct some assessing the situation before you make up your mind. That way, you will protect all areas of your life with ease.

Single Parent Dating Tricks You Should Remember

  • Avoid Quick Turn-Around – If you start dating as soon as possible after you end the prior relationship, you may find yourself vulnerable to all kinds of people. At the same time, you will notice that your children will also suffer emotionally based on your decisions, which is why you need to think everything through. Sometimes, it is much better to stay single and wait for the right moment than to just search for someone who can end up being the worst thing in your life.
  • Self-Examination is Essential for Healthy Dating – Before you start searching for a particular person, we recommend you to take a good look in a mirror and be honest with yourself. You need to understand the reasons for past breakups, whether you were possessive or toxic, which may affect your future relationships as well. Therefore, if you have unresolved feelings or issues that are common after divorce, you should be ready to examine your perspectives before you start dating again. For instance, before you start with it, we recommend you talk with your children if they are old enough about it. Start with the “What If” scenario, which will help them understand you better. You can ask them, “How would you feel if I began dating?” which you need to do to make sure that both sides are satisfied. You can start by talking with other people at first and gradually start talking about your feelings. Every single dialogue should prepare them for things that may happen in the future. However, you should stop letting your kid’s emotions dictate what you should do, but you need to consider their thoughts and listen to them along the way. Remember that by engaging in these conversations, you will be able to help them learn more about relationships and allow you to develop a healthy relationship as well.
  • Try Slowly With Older Children – If you have adult or teen children, you should follow your own pace when it comes to showing your potential partner. In case you wish to make them accept him/her, the problem may arise in the future. Instead, it would be best to let them know each other gradually, but without forcing it. We recommend you to start with soft invitations such as family dinner with your children and collaborate to see whether chemistry works or not. You should show respect to your loved ones and do not interfere in their relationships with your partner. Even if you have older kids, you should know that children of all ages may benefit when you say that seeing someone other than their father is not something that will break the family. It would be best to talk about emotions and different aspects of life to ensure that they enter adulthood with knowledge about potential dating issues. Let them know that the family will not stay the same, but they do not have to change. That way, you will reduce children’s fears and show them that their feelings are important to you. The main goal is to keep communication as open as possible, allowing your loved ones to label their emotions.
  • Balance and Pace the Dating Process – If you fall in love, we recommend you avoid abandoning your kids to be with your special someone. Even though it may be tempting, the idea is that you have other responsibilities you need to balance with a new partner. Therefore, you need to think about both partners and children to ensure that you are available to them. It is challenging to maintain balance, but it is worthwhile.
  • Arrange Meetings With Care – It is essential to plan everything before deciding to meet your children’s date. A first reference should be a friend, especially if you have young ones, and when you prepare them thoroughly, you can talk about him or her as a date. The best way to introduce your partner is casually, but do not be proactive and say what you do when you are alone because that may traumatize your loved ones. Instead, it would be best if you took it systematically to make sure that all sides are satisfied. You can learn more right here about dating as a single parent.

Final Word

As your interest and emotions grow, you will find more ways to meet your loved ones together.

However, the process should be gradual and balanced because you should monitor everyone’s concerns and fears.

If your partner has children, it is wise to organize get-togethers with children.


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