9 Boat Seating Options for the Avid Boater

The more a boater can share the good times with his family and friends the happier he is.

Being able to take your loved ones out on the water is such an enjoyable experience and probably one of the main reasons why you decide to purchase a boat in the first place.

Boat seating considerations

If you’re currently looking into seating options, these are a few aspects that you should keep in mind:

  • Maximum capacity limits
  • Manufacturer recommendations.
  • Weight capacity
  • Current weight of your boat
  • Weight of additional seating
  • Weight distribution with new seating
  • The best way to seat people comfortably

9 Unique boat seating options to consider

Below are a few of the seating options that you can consider, with UES Int boat seats being a highly recommended brand.

  • The captain’s chair. While there’s nothing wrong with steering from a bench, there’s something about having a captain’s chair that changes the entire boating experience.
  • Benches. While benches are the standard boat seating option, you can customise the length and seats to match your unique style.
  • Casting seat. If fishing is your thing, a casting seat is a must for your boat. Fortunately, these seats are usually quite compact and can be folded away when not in use.
  • Lounge seats. If you would like to offer your passengers a more comfortable ride, lounge seats are the lazy boys of the boating world and will allow your passengers to stretch out.
  • Stadium chairs. Also commonly known as a bleacher seat, a stadium chair can be added to the deck of your boat or even fixed to the gunwales to offer a very comfortable and stylish seating option. This chair can also be folded away if need be.
  • Camp chairs. If space is one of your biggest concerns, camp chairs are the ideal boat seating option as they can be folded away and stored in compact spaces. As an added bonus, camp chairs come with sunshades and cup holders, making them perfect for a day out on the water.
  • Storage seating. Not only are storage ottomans highly affordable but they are multipurpose. Storage seating is lightweight, portable and double up as storage and boat seating.
  • Cooler seats. Food and beverages are must on a boat trip, which is why cooler seats have become such a popular seating option for boaters everywhere. While they may not be the most comfortable seats, they can be used as such anyway. Many of today’s modern cooler seats even come with padded seat cushions and backrests.
  • Off-boat seating. Another creative way to provide your passengers with a place to sit is to tie a raft-style float to your boat that you can tow along at a slow speed. These rafts are fun and are an easy way to add more square footage to your boat.

The right seating can make all the difference to your next outing on the water so choose the seats that suit your unique hobbies and requirements.

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