7 Hidden Romantic Tours in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Convention on the honeymoon for the newly married couple is the most anticipated second pair. A romantic getaway with your partner is the memories that want to be perceived by each new partner. Honeymoon vacation destinations in Indonesia are always not far from Bali and Lombok. Bali and Lombok are famous for their most romantic locations and exotic scenery. With the evolution of tourism in Indonesia, more and more places have beautiful tourist areas.

Beautiful natural scenery with civilization that is still quite thick, so Banyuwangi becomes a romantic place for two newly married people. Back in Banyuwangi Regency, this is a comfortable and anti-mainstream tourist spot to enjoy holiday destinations. The following are places of romance from Banyuwangi.

1.     Green Bay

Green Bay is an enchanting romantic destination with very clean and refreshing water. This location is called Green Bay because of the algae that grow and live in groups at the bottom of this Green Bay Beach.

Your partner will be very mesmerized and delighted by the pristine beauty that is presented with Teluk Hijau in Sarongan, Pesanggaran.

2.     Ijen Crater

This Ijen Crater tourist spot is quite famous for its crater that emits blue fire. Blue flames or flames were truly a very rare occurrence. You and your partner can create beautiful and memorable moments by seeing the attraction of this Ijen crater using its cool blue fire.

3.     Tabunan Island

Tabunan Island offers blue sea water with quite beautiful white sand, which can be a romantic moment for you and your partner. This island is perfect for a minute photo shoot as there is a swing of the sea backdrop which is very beautiful using the seagull set.

4.     Red Island Beach

It is named Pulau Merah Beach because in the middle of the beach there is a small red mountain. The attraction of Pulau Merah Beach will no doubt be, maybe soon it will be much more relaxing with the sound of the calm waves.

Capturing the moment with your partner at Pulau Merah Beach will certainly be an unforgettable moment.

5.     Benculuk Bureau

One of the prima donna of tourism in Banyuwangi is the Benculuk Bureau. With a New Zealand-like setting or people who understand it like your Lord of the Rings movie set, it’s great for you and your partner to have an instant honeymoon portrait.

6.     Boom Beach

No less beautiful than Pulau Merah and Pulau Tabunan, Boom Beach also presents natural beauty that is maintained by its attractiveness. This beach is one of the most famous beaches in Banyuwangi and is currently located in Kampung Mandar Village, Banyuwangi Regency.

Watching the sunrise or sunset with your partner will be an unforgettable intimate and fun moment.

7.     Baluran National Park

You and your partner can feel the sensation of the experience like from the African savanna. Baluran, known as Africa van Java, offers very beautiful views of the hills, beaches and forests. It is natural for you and your partner to have the experience of visiting wildlife such as bison, buffalo, deer, and peacocks. How can you and your partner be interested in seeing a romantic tour in Banyuwangi?

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