6 Steps to Follow When Working With a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer  

Cases such as motorcycle, construction and medical accidents are known as physical injury cases. The fact that the incident has caused you body or psychological pain; one has the lawful right to file a claim. However, finding a good personal injury lawyer can be a daunting task when you have no idea on what the whole procedure entails. Below are steps to follow when working with a Desmond Law Office, PLLC.

Step 1: Meeting

First, ensure that you meet with the personal attorney immediately after the accident. Explain in detail about your accident, ask questions about what to expect during the whole process and also, you can go an extra mile and ask about the service charges. The discussion will help you decide whether to file a personal injury

Step 2: Research

After the meeting go ahead and hire an attorney .Ensure that you provide evidence that you were injured or your property was destroyed. The lawyer on the other side, he/she will do an investigation to acquire relevant information. This will be done by taking pictures or recording videos where the incident took place, having an interview with the witnesses, getting the police statement and also checking your medical documents.

Step 3: File a claim

Most insurance companies more than often do fail to compensate plaintiffs as they should. If in any case your claim fails to be settled then your personal injury lawyer will be forced to file a lawsuit. Ensure you have a highly qualified lawyer who can file claims on time together with background knowledge in civil procedure rules.

Step 4: Discovery process

Once the personal injury claim has been filled, what follows is the discovery process. This step provides a platform for the opposing parties to exchange information that they will be using to defend themselves. Some of the tools used are interrogatories together with oral and written depositions.

Step 5: Negotiations

Following the discovery process is the settlement negotiations step. In this instance, a consensus is reached. The court allows the two parties to negotiate and if they come into an agreement then the plaintiff will be forced to drop the charges. You should consult with your lawyer first before deciding on anything.

Step 6: Trial

Nonetheless, once the negotiations fail to mature, the case will proceed to the trial stage. The outcome of the case will be determined by either the jury or judge. Assuming the case is ruled in your favor, be much assured that all the damages will be compensated.

Finally, before hiring a personal injury lawyer, take your time to go through the above guideline to help you pick a few things that you should expect during the whole process.

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