5 Crucial Steps To Follow After A Fall And Slip Injury 

Fall and slip injuries are quite common but can cause fatal damages at times. A person can stumble or drop anytime, anywhere, and the sad truth is — it won’t often be their fault. No doubts, accidents are unpredictable. 

But according to the premises liability law, if you fall on someone’s property and are severely hurt because of the holder’s negligence, he/she can be held under a legal lawsuit.

During a slip and fall in the hospital, as a casualty, you might be confused and clueless about what to do further. Hence, here are some of the main steps to steer you through your future measures. 

Seek medical aid 

Consulting a doctor for your treatment after the mishap should be the foremost step to move ahead with. A doctor will assist you with all the medications or therapies to help you recover. In addition to this, if you have a claim, all your medical reports and prescriptions will get to prove the fact that you were hurt.

Therefore, file all your medical records as these can support you in getting the compensation that you are entitled to. 

Gather the information

Collecting all the information regarding your slip and fall accident can be useful if you are to pursue a legal lawsuit. Thus, shortly gather the names and contact details of any witnesses that were present around the place. Their statements and confirmations can benefit you through the lawful proceedings

Along with this, note down the exact date and time where the accident took place. Ensure taking pictures of the location and focusing on the signs that contributed to your damage. 

Document the entire setting

Acquire all the possible details speculating your injury and losses. Take note of all the crucial aspects considering what you were you doing when the accident happened. Plus, how did you slip and fall, and what were the causes.

Along with this, preserve the clothing outfit that you were wearing during the accident. Store your shoes or other accessories in a safe place — you never know what might get to work in your favor during the litigation.

Report the event 

The incident should be brought into the notice of the property holder where the accident took place. If you slip and fall at any public, make sure to inform the management as soon as possible. 

Filing a report will indicate the fact of your trouble and concern. More so, it will enable you to build a record of the incident and its consequences that can be presented before the prosecution during your claim.

Contact a professional attorney

If you are to claim your slip and fall injury, an experienced attorney is the best person to help you through. He can provide you with all the legal assistance that will work for you to recover your losses.  More so, a lawyer can efficiently represent your slip and fall case before the court.


Besides this, be mindful of the details that you share with any of the concerned authorities. Do not accuse anyone or take the blame on yourself. Stay calm and mainly focus on recovering from your injury.

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