10 Important Baby Gear for New Parents

Children are the greatest gift for every parent. If you are a new parent, you must still be confused about what things are essential to have. According to babymonitorsrev.com, here are 10 Baby Gear that you must have if you are a new parent:


Onesies are the most functional baby clothes. These clothes combine shirts and pants in one piece. Onesies are very comfortable to wear in all types of activities, whether it is for daily use or for sleeping. Onesies with soft material will be very suitable for babies.


Blankets are also an important thing to have. Babies blanket has different sizes and textures with adult blankets. Baby blankets are not as big as adult blankets. It also tends to be thinner and has a very soft texture. You must have a baby blanket, don’t just own one, have a few.

Nipple cream

As a new mother of course you will breastfeed your baby. You can take good care of your nipples by using a nipple cream. Buy a special nipple cream so that the nipple stays healthy and you feel comfortable during breastfeeding.

Baby carrier

Who has never used a baby carrier before? A baby carrier really helps you to do your daily activities. You can still do regular activities such as cleaning the house, shopping, or walking. You will definitely feel sore if you have to hold your baby continuously, therefore a baby carrier is something that is very useful and important for new parents to have.

Breast pump

If you are a working mother, you might not be able to breastfeed your child at any time. Therefore you must have a breast pump. You can prepare milk for your baby by pumping your breasts at night or early morning. When you go to work you can leave your milk bag to your parents or Nanny. That way your baby will still get the required nutritional intake

Baby monitor

Baby monitors are the next thing that really helps you as a new parent. When the baby goes to sleep Of course you can use your time to do other things. But as a parent, you definitely feel anxious to leave the baby. The baby monitor helps to see your baby even if you are in a different room.


Toybox is also important to have. Prepare a special container for storing children’s toys. As time goes by, the toybox will be more useful because your child will collect more new items

Diaper changing table

The diaper changing table is specially designed to help parents. It is a small table that hangs on the wall. If you have a baby, you must have to have a diaper changing table. Please provide a special Spot to make diaper change activities easy.

 Night lamp

Night lamp really help babies to sleep more comfortably. A lamp that is turned off creates a darkness that might scare the baby, while a lamp that is too bright might not be good for the baby’s eyes. Buy a special night lamp for your baby to make your baby rest better

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